About Us

How it all started..

Mama Precious started out of love from a Mother who baked lactation cookies for her daughter in a bid to help boost her milk supply after seeing how her daughter had struggled with low milk supply. Soon after consuming the lactation cookies and coupled with good breastfeeding habits, her daughter’s supply rose steadily over the weeks to come and provided well for the little one. It boosted not just her milk supply but also her confidence to continue this amazing journey of breastfeeding with conviction. Seeing how successful the cookies had helped her daughter, the Mother and Daughter team decided to share this goodness with all other breastfeeding Mamas and hope they, too can benefit greatly. Mama Precious bakes with premium ingredients such as organic ones. We believe in providing the same quality goodness for Mamas. Only if it is good enough for ourselves, then it is good for our lovely Mamas out there. We bake as if it is for our family. Your boost is our push! Lots of love, Mama Precious

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